Ann Hamilton
Event of a Thread

Ann Hamilton's the event of a thread is an installation commissioned by The Park Avenue Armory in New York City.

Director: Lily Skove
Prod Co: Open Land / Ann Hamilton Studios

Accusation of Memory 

Derived from a dance theater duet, this piece explores the dark and fractured interior of a relationship at it's end.  The piece explores the fuzzy line between memory, imagination, and logic.  This piece is currently in progress and seeking a music label.

Director: Lily Skove & TJ Hellmuth
Prod Co: Open Land

Motion Bank (interactive dance archive project)
Featuring Bebe Miller Company & Thomas Hauert / Zoo Contemporary Dance Company

Motion Bank was an interactive archival project of The Forsythe Company  providing of a broad context for research into choreographic practice by capturing and interpreting the choreography using a variety mediums and technologies.    

The videos included here are simple samples of types of movement that characterize elements of each practice.   They are intended to be seen within the context of the gallery shows and the interactive website.

Interactive Project online here.  (Chrome or Firefox and high speed internet recommended)

Director: Lily Skove & TJ Hellmuth
Prod Co: Open Land / The Ohio State University / The Forsythe Company

Light Slip (dance film)

Light slip is an older work exploring intersections between moving bodies, light, and time. 

Director: Lily Skove & TJ Hellmuth
In Association with: Wesleyan University
Music: Morton Feldman, Crippled Symmetry